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Rock on! Will be promoting you at!



Rock on! Will be promoting you at

(Fixed Link...)

Lesley Gunter

I totally forgot that I have a typepad account. I wonder what I can come up with to use it for? :-)

Regan Lee

Thanks Lesley and IQXS!

Mike Clelland!


Do you have any questions about the podcast thing? I might be able to help - at least a little bit. I've gotten pretty good at the recording and editing. You already have a Mac, Do you have skype? Those two things have made podcasting super EZ...

eager to listen!

Mike C!

Regan Lee

Mike, I just downloaded Skype last night, but haven't played with it yet. I'll do more exploring tonight after work. And thanks for the offer of help, much appreciated. I'll take you up on that!

Erik Stitt

Nice! Cozy here. I'll have a double white with whip, please!

I'll link up to this site on Contact, Regan. Congrats!



Hi Regan! You are a brave girl to jump right in, but welcome to the choppy waters!! Let me know if you need any help with technical stuff -- hork, guffaw -- I will be happy to share my shreads 'o knowledge with you.

Have fun!

Regan Lee

Thanks Nancy. I love your show, I like the vibe between you and Bill. More later... I'm frazzled.

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